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Innovative Power Solutions

Now Offering Spare Parts for All Power Supplies

American Plating Power now offers a complete line of Spare Parts including Circuit Boards, SCR’s, Meters, Diodes, Fuses and more.

Contact Manager Scott Brown and the rest of the Spare Parts Team for all your Spare Parts needs.

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SCR Water-Cooled Rectifiers

Designed for the harshest environments
Solid construction
High efficiency

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MS Series

Switch mode power supply technology
High packaging density due to compact design
Less than 3% output ripple
Less than 1% control accuracy
Constant voltage and current control

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Oil Cooled Variable Ratio Rectifier

Best protection possible in all environments without the need for an external cooling source.
Available currents ranging from 100A-15,000A with output voltages ranging from 0-600VDC.

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Reverse Pulse
AxD Cabinet Series

Most powerful of the AxD Series
Great advantage in large pulse power installation
Power supplies available with air or water cooling
All information displayed online

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Multi-Functional Display

Ideal utilization facilities for a range of rectifiers and process
Easy to operate
Optional features available
Splash-proof design

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In-house and on-site service
Repair service
Preventive maintenance
Startup assistance

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As an authority on industrial power solutions,
American Plating Power brings more than a decade of global knowledge and development experience to the evolving field of industrial power supplies. Our products convert electrical energy supplied by public utilities into the essential current type for every application. This includes: DC, AC, and Periodic Pulse Reverse Rectifiers as well as related equipment for industrial use globally.

American Plating Power presents a robust offering of value-added services that provide benefits many standard solution providers cannot. Clearly designed to give your company a competitive edge!

  • Technologies designed and manufactured to meet clients’ individual specifications
  • Products that are 100% tested under full load conditions and
    inspected for quality before shipment
  • Focus on client relationships to instill confidence and provide project synergy
  • Strict manufacturing standards
  • Precision-controlled solutions designed to give you a clear, competitive edge
  • Attentive after-market assistance

Various Industries Served
Aluminum anodizing
Aluminum coloring
Electro chemical machining (ECM)
Metal Finishing
Printed circuit boards (PCB)
Electrophoretic dip coating
Plasma technology
Water treatment